Monday the 28th of November 2005

Flexity 102 is out doing brake tests between the racecourse & stop 15 !

Three guys who don't have a life were watching. ( And recording ! )

Once again my apologies to those on dial-up as these files are big.

If you can only afford the time to download one then go for the first movie of  '102 leaving stop 15

toward the depot on the 'up. It shows the tram's excellent acceleration.   102 leaving   (7MB)

Unfortunately a four wheel drive started up during this exercise !

If you can stand a 33MB download then the following link has the tram arriving then leaving.

Of note is the 34 second point of the movie where the mirrors fold in   102 arrives then leaves 

I'll attempt to have these files compressed for people with slow links.

Bombardier Flexity home page   

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