18th of September 2005

19,000 Runners and walkers (including me !) make it to Glenelg during the annual 12km City-Bay fun run.

Around 10:30am many want to return to the city.

But trams 364 & 365 heading for Glenelg had other ideas ...


365 resting on the sleepers.



Thank goodness for catch rails.   I had other commitments when 365 was re-railed

but was told that a large front-end loader was involved.



While photographing 364/ 365, I saw 371 / 372 move off but only seconds later

371 came off the rails near stop 16. (Morphett Rd crossing is in the left background).



Front of 371 viewed from South side (Depot is across Maxwell Tce. behind the camera).



371 front wheels on "Nolan" brand re-railing ramp (around 3pm).



371's back wheels are next...


371 / 372 heading away from the camera (about to cross Morphett Rd).

The staff were not willing to let it return to the depot over the points in the foreground.



Eight cars waiting. Six are on the down outside racecourse and 371 / 372 are standing at stop 16 (not visible behind bush on the right).  364 / 365 Had returned to the depot at this time but after they did, much work commenced on the points just inside the depot gates.

The trams were all still out when I left at 7:30pm but were running as usual the next morning.

All this on a system that was only a few weeks old. How sad !


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