Flexity 105 arrives !

Sunday the 2nd of April 2006 ... The Hual America safely delivers 105 to the wharf at Outer Harbour.

Two vessels approach the basin. ( 105 is in the ship on the left ).


Why doesn't something like this tip over? (There's only 10 metres or so underwater)


The ship reached the dock at 6:10pm and after a lot ropes were passed to and fro the

"America" was secure and the ramp at the stern was lowered. The ramp took about

15-20 minutes to reach ground level and soon afterwards a large front end loader was

driven off. After a flurry of activity over what appeared to be a spill on board a yellow

prime-mover and large fork lift moved the Flexity onto the wharf.


Once 105 appeared, it was only a matter of minutes until it was safely on the

wharf, the fork-lift towing and the yellow truck probably braking the descent.


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