Flexity 107 travels from Melbourne !

Monday the 29th of May 2006 ... Flexity 107 (and its trailer) are sighted passing through Tailem Bend by tram fans Geoff and Peter around 4:30pm.

Taking a break in a truck layover just outside of Mount Barker at 7:30pm.

No point in arriving in Victoria Square until after last-tram.


One disadvantage to using high beam for photographic illumination was the refusal of my car to start when it was time to go.

Many thanks to fellow enthusiast Will who had also braved the freezing conditions and had a set of jumper leads !!!!

Here's how to secure a Flexity.

Note the robust temporary fixing point which is also used to secure the tram to a truck to slow the tram as it rolls down the unloading ramps.


Reversing the trailer up to the ramps.


A bit dirty, but safely on track.


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