20th of December 2005

The call goes out for volunteers to heavily load a Flexity on a trip from the city

to Glenelg and back around midnight.

The day had been a hot one (36C) leading to a very warm night. This along with an expected load of

170 passengers would surely test the Fexilty's airconditioning !

We were all weighed as we boarded and the tram stopped at a number of platforms to check clearances.

My first impressions... smooth, quiet, modern.

The seating... no padding at all, rather like kitchen carpet on a moulded plastic support. I found them

quite acceptable but kept knocking knees with the guy opposite. As I am quite stocky I was glad there

was a very slightly built chap sitting next to me. Probably no worse than the H's though.

The only real problems were with the automated announcement system. A couple of times it faltered,

saying things like "This, This, The next stop is Goodwood Road". At Glenelg it also said "The next

stop is Moseley Square", when in fact we had just left Moseley Square"

I thought that the air conditioning held up very well.

We returned to the city about 1:30am then the Flexity returned to the depot at 2am.

All in all a great ride, and congratulations to all who made it possible !


Good turnout at Victoria Square.  






Emergency door release


Does she fit the tram enthusiast's dress code ?

Built-in wheelchair ramp

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